All By Myself

Yesterday I took my parents to the airport so they could fly out to take a 5 week cruise around the orient. I’m really glad they’re going on this trip, it should be amazing.

But I’m a little anxious too. When I’ve felt horrible or overwhelmed in the past, I could always get a Mommy break by dropping Bella off with my folks. I won’t have that option for the next 5 weeks.

In all honesty, I only REALLY have 3 days on my own since the hubby teleworks on Wednesday and is off on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But I worry. I’ve joined a lot of Lyme groups lately and have started hearing a lot of horror stories. People having horrible flare-ups, even during treatment.

What am I going to do if I have a flare-up and the only way I can “function” is to take Vicodin every 6 hours? I don’t get loopy on Vicodin, but I do get sleepy. This means a lot of time letting Bella watch TV instead of interacting with her or taking her places. And that will suck.

So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I have a good 5 weeks. The new version of the Uber Cream that Doc T prescribed arrived and seems to help a bit more. The heat wrap is an option as well. Vicodin is my last resort.

Bella is finally no longer sick, but she’s not going to sleep or getting herself back to sleep very well, which means bad nights. If I have to, I’ll just nap every day when she does. What other choice do I have?


Weight Loss

Holy Crap! 35 down, 20 more to go!!!

I’ll probably post tomorrow, the past few days Bella has been sick. Thankfully her fever broke tonight and I’m looking forward to a 3-day-weekend with the hubby.

Another Battle Royale

No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn?

Bella didn’t put up much of a fuss when R put her down in her crib last night, but that was the last thing that went well.

Bella was up and crying at 2:35am. I waited a few minutes and went in and sat with her for 5-10 minutes.

She cried for 5 minutes, then I went back in and sat with her for 5-10 minutes.

She cried for 10 minutes, then I went and sat with her for 5-10 minutes.

She cried for 15 minutes and I went in at 4am with the intention of only staying for 10 minutes. I woke up at 5am and she was asleep, so I went back to bed.

R’s alarm went off at 5:20am and she started crying again. Are you kidding me? This girl has slept through thunder and lightning storms that shook the entire house and now an alarm is waking her up?

I just don’t get it.

My Life as Seen Through my Pharmacist’s Eyes

all of it

The entirety of my current medication regimen

Chronic Lyme Antibiotics

My Current Chronic Lyme Disease Antibiotic Regimen

just say no to yeast

Antibiotics = Yeast Infections. My attempts to prevent them during long-term antibiotic use.

Standard Meds

2 Antidepressants I hope to quit when I no longer have chronic pain, Singulair for allergies, Crestor for Cholesterol and birth control pills because I can barely handle Bella as it is


I still need a few more supplements because of the Lyme, but these are the basics

Pain Relief

My “Super” Cream, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Klonopin (because anxiety is fun!) and my trusty Sumatriptan

A Week's Worth

I’m Only 37-Years-Old and I Take All this Crap Every Day. WTF?

Sleep Training Fail

It’s going to be a LONG day…

Bella actually went to sleep without much of a fight at all last night. But I know my daughter, and I knew she was saving the middle-of-the-night waking for when R had to work the next day.

Around 12:30am she woke up and started crying. I let her go for 5 minutes and then went and sat with her for 5 minutes.

Then I let her cry for 10 minutes before going back in and sitting with her for 5 minutes.

After I left her room, I had to take a sumatriptan because I had woken up with a migraine. Meanwhile, Bella cried for 15 minutes and then I went in to sit with her for 5 minutes.

But I didn’t.

I fell asleep and woke up at 3am instead. Crap. Time to go back to my own bed.

When R started getting ready for work, I suggested he close her door to keep from disturbing her. He closed her door as quietly as a church mouse and then went into the bathroom. Bella must have been awake already because she immediately started crying.

I grabbed her and brought her back to bed with me, but she wouldn’t fall back to sleep there (the dogs in my room are too distracting). Then I tried bringing her back to her room and sitting with her, but she still wouldn’t go back to sleep.

So to recap:

  • Bella was up overnight
  • I had a migraine while sleep training
  • I spent too much time in the recliner, which is what I’ve been trying to avoid
  • Bella got up at 5:20am and would NOT go back to sleep
  • And of course, my neck is KILLING me

Oh well, there’s always tomorrow night.