The Latest Round and a 2-Year Check-Up

Losing my Mind

Losing my Mind

So, the sleeping saga with Bella continues. Monday morning she was up at 4:45. I was displeased to say the least. Later that afternoon we were going for her 2-year check-up, and I had been hoping to be somewhat well-rested. Oh well.

Bella was a cranky, fussy mess all morning. All we did was butt heads about everything. She went down for her nap around 11am and was up on her own in time to leave for her 2:30 appointment.

Good news – Bella is very healthy. And big. The doctor said she is the size of a 3-year old (30 pounds 3 ounces and 36 inches tall). She was less of a disaster for the appointment (screaming wise), but was obsessed with reaching up on the desk to try to grab the doctor’s tablet.

Bad news – we were Ferbering wrong. Apparently we should have only been going in for 10-15 seconds and just reassuring her that we were there. Then she asked when Bella went to bed and when she got up. Then she said something that put fear in me “It may be that’s all the sleep she needs at night”. She said if that was the case, we should probably take the 4th side of the crib back off, gate her room doorway and let her be able to access her toys in case she’s bored. 8-9 hours of sleep overnight cannot possibly be enough for a 2-year-old.

R and I decided we would try the Ferbering before the crib transformation. And what does Bella do that night? Sleeps all the way through until 5:45am and then snuggled in bed with me for another 45 minutes after that.

But still, another day of butting heads. Bella is climbing on everything and using everything conceivable to help her. You know those boxes you put shapes in? Bella uses hers to get onto her toy chest and access the cubbies on the wall. She just LOVES climbing and my hopes for her playing in her room are beginning to be dashed, because every time she does she winds up climbing or emptying the contents of one of her dresser drawers.

Last night wasn’t fun. She was up at 1:30am and it took 40 minutes of Ferbering to get her back to sleep. She did stay down until just after 6am, but that 40 minutes overnight killed me. My neck hurts so bad I just went straight for the vicodin. Yesterday I managed things with my super cream and the heat wrap, but that’s not gonna work today.

Ugh, I need to end this post, I can hear over the monitor that Bella is up on her toy chest again….

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  1. Ken A says:

    Draw a vial of her blood.  I could use some of th

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