The Saga Continues

Bella is Still the Undefeated Champ in the Sleep Wars

Thursday night Bella was up at 11:45pm and we fought with her for an hour and a half to get her to go back to sleep before giving up and bringing her to our bed. She was hyper and didn’t really calm down and fall asleep until 2am, but then slept until 7am.

Friday night is a haze, I think she was up around 1:30 and I had to bring her to bed, but she wouldn’t calm down. So 30 minutes later I put her back in her crib and she did fall back to sleep. Then around 4am she started acting up again and R brought her back to our bed and she stayed there until she got up around 7am.

Saturday was Bella’s 2nd birthday and my in-laws visited, including my niece (coming up on 7) and nephew (almost 3). They ran around like lunatics for almost the entire time (noon – 7pm). No one took naps and I figured, if Bella was going to sleep well any night, it would be last night.

Hah! 9:30. No, she didn’t sleep in until 9:30am. Oh no, my daughter was up at 9:30pm on Saturday night screaming her head off after the most hectic, tiring day she’s had in a very long time. R just grabbed her and brought her to our bed, where she slept well and we slept horribly.

She just fell asleep on R around 8:45am and I just put her back in her crib.

I think I have one option left. Bella likes to kick her covers off (at least when she’s in bed with us). If she’s doing this in her crib, the jammies she’s wearing probably aren’t warm enough for her. So I may run out and get 1 pair of fleecy, footy jammies for her to wear tonight and see if it helps.

On a happier note, although I did have neck pain yesterday, I was able to avoid taking any narcotics. I can’t say the same for the day before that.

If getting a decent night’s sleep is an integral part of recovering from a Chronic Lyme Disease flare, I am SO screwed.

Another side note: Bella does not appear to like chocolate mousse cake and is still not quite sure of how the whole “opening presents” thing works. (Her cousin was actually upset he couldn’t open any. Last year I had goodie bags for them and my brother’s son, but finances wouldn’t allow for that this year). But she got some very cute clothes and some neat toys, and I’m sure she will enjoy them all.

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A former marketing professional with 15 years of experience in the technology industry. Through her blog she has shared her journey through pregnancy and motherhood as well as her struggle with migraines, depression, and chronic pain

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