Why Bella? Why?

Getting to the End of my Rope

As a birthday present to my hubby whose birthday is today, my folks took Bella overnight on Monday. Per usual she slept great 7:30pm – 8:00am when they had to WAKE HER UP. I know a lot of it has to do with how quiet their neighborhood is versus ours and where her room is in their house versus ours.

But Bella has started a new habit at home that is driving me to the brink of sanity. If she wakes up during the night, she refuses to go back to sleep unless I sit in the recliner in her room with her until she falls completely asleep. Last night she decided to add refusing to go to sleep at all until I sat there with her for 3 effing hours.

I was finally able to get into my own bed just after 11pm. Then she was up again around 4am and I went back to her room with her. But she wouldn’t go back to sleep. And every time I tried to stand up, she started fussing right away. So, I sat in the damn recliner until R got up for work and then got one of the door handle locks, put it on the inside of her door and sat in bed and listened to her scream for about 10 minutes (hoping she would tire herself out). No such luck. (BTW – she took an awesome nap yesterday afternoon with no problems whatsoever)

Now, I know lots of kids have problems sleeping and Bella has always been problematic in this area. So why do I mention this little anecdote? Because sitting in the recliner in her room absolutely KILLS my neck. My neck had been horrible yesterday already, I’d used my super-cream, my Mom had sprayed bio-freeze on it (which actually might have felt like it helped more) and I was using the heat wrap on my neck. I CANNOT do this. There is no legitimate reason that she needs me in her room. The nights when I don’t go through this, I still have pain the next day, but it gets compounded by 10 when this little game takes place.

I can’t do anything about trying sleeping training tonight since R works tomorrow, but Thursday night, she is not gonna be a happy baby. I’m gonna put that handle lock on her door again and she’s gonna stay in her room and sleep. Or I am going to go completely insane.


About snarkysillysad
A former marketing professional with 15 years of experience in the technology industry. Through her blog she has shared her journey through pregnancy and motherhood as well as her struggle with migraines, depression, and chronic pain

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