The Grandparent Rule

Bella has been a bit of a disaster lately (in case I haven’t mentioned it). She’s been obstinate during the day and sleeping very poorly at night. This makes for one REALLY cranky Mommy. After Wednesday night when she got up at 2:00am and basically never went back to sleep, I was on the brink of insanity.

I dropped my father a line on email around 5am (he always gets up early, even though he’s long since retired) and told him that if my Mom’s offer to take Bella for a night was still on the table, I would love to take them up on it.

My Dad called around 9am and told us to pack up the munchkin and have her ready to spend the day and night with them. At this same time I was installing the new crib rail and Bella just had to supervise every little thing (which is not very helpful when you’re using a tiny allen wrench). R grabbed some stuff and threw it in a bag for her.

When my Dad arrived she was still quite rambunctious, but now distracted by Papa (she has an incredible soft spot for him). We finished gathering her things and sent her on her way with possible molar growth and a bad diaper rash from trying to find something that would last overnight.

I called around 4pm and she’d been fine once she got to my parents house and had taken a standard 3-hour nap. They were sitting playing with her and told me they’d call me later after her bath and bedtime (which they forgot to do, but no biggie).

My Dad calls around 9am this morning and he’s kind of giggling and says “I don’t know dear, she slept through the night here and has been good almost the entire time”. Turns out she gave them a little trouble going to bed, but once she was down, she was out until at least 7am.

We’ve already discussed that a big part of this issue is the fact that we live on a noisy corner and Bella’s room is in the front of the house, where as my folks are in a much quieter community with Bella’s room in the back.

But then again, there’s always the Grandparent Rule: No matter how hellish, chaotic, sleepless or fussy a child is…. they will be damn near an angel when they’re with their grandparents.

It’s just not fair.

At least R and I got a decent night sleep too, there’s something to be said for that.


About snarkysillysad
A former marketing professional with 15 years of experience in the technology industry. Through her blog she has shared her journey through pregnancy and motherhood as well as her struggle with migraines, depression, and chronic pain

One Response to The Grandparent Rule

  1. Bill says:

    Your father should be a little more careful about tempting fate. The next time he babysits, he may meet the hellion I encountered the other night that I could hear through an exterior wall….

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