July Facebook Mom’s Group Posts Catch-Up

7/2 – Holy crap, Bella slept in until 7:30am. Maybe this clock is actually working. She was crying around midnight for a minute, but got herself back to sleep.

Holy crap is right. She had the poop of a lifetime at midnight and when she finally got up for the day, there was poop everywhere. Had to wash all her bedding, including her crib bumper and her poor hiney and vagina were still all red as of her noon diaper change before her nap. She insisted on sleeping in just her diaper for her nap.

7/5 Facebook post – Dogs were freaking out at midnight because of a bad storm and Bella was up at 5:30 because of poop issues. R and I are a bit tired. And of course Bella is behaving like an angel (yeah right)

Bella went down for a really early nap at 10am and is still sleeping. Forgetting about this morning though, in general I think the clock is helping her sleep in later.

7/6 Facebook post – It’s been a “we just bungie-corded the chairs to the dining table because Bella wouldn’t stop climbing them” kind of day. I am SO ready for my folks to take her tomorrow and they are gonna be SO unprepared for how bad she is right now.

I think she sees them often enough that she’ll act up for them too. Especially because they’re taking her out in public.

7/8 Facebook post – She wasn’t bad. She wandered around, but my nephew stayed with her. I asked my folks to keep her until after her nap, I’m not quite ready for Mommy duty yet.

7/9 Facebook post – Yeah, I was SO in need of the 24 hours without Bella over the weekend. She’s been testing her boundaries so much lately, I’m ready to scream. And I don’t mind if she falls or trips, but when she does stuff that could cause a dog to bite her… then I have a problem. (although I’ve calmed down a bit and I think Chloe senses it because she’s been better around Bella lately)

Doc T says they SHOULD have a soother until age 2 for SIDS prevention. Try again in a few months. Don’t beat yourself up. I’m weaning Bella back to just having hers for naps and bedtime. It actually makes her want to take her nap. SMH.

7/10 Facebook post – Trust me, Bella has pillows, blankets and stuffed animals in her crib as well as a regular bumper. Not sure why Doc T says 2, but it’s good enough for me. Means I don’t have to worry about trying to get her off the binkie for another 3 months. ;-P

7/12 Facebook post – We have been putting Bella straight to bed after her bath since Sunday night. The bath has been a bit later (7:30), but she’s in bed by 8pm. She’s been taking 30 minutes or so to fall asleep. Hopefully that time will lessen. She’s not complaining though. She still wakes up a little earlier than I’d like some days, but usually doesn’t start making a lot of noise until after 6:30.

Of course tonight it’s been an hour and I still hear her mobile going. WE’RE going to bed soon. I’d really like to think she was already asleep.

7/16 Facebook post – Yeesh. 7:20 and Bella is in bed already. She started getting really fussy and I asked her if she wanted to go “seepies” and she said yes. This probably means a pre-6am wake-up.

7/17 Facebook post – I just decided to flip Bella’s car seat around. Didn’t take quite as long as installing it the first time, but still not easy. But that seat ain’t goin’ nowhere.

7/18 Facebook post – I’m having one of those “I want to run from the house screaming” kind of days. I am a jungle gym, something to pull the hair on, something to completely ignore the requests from and the owner of a dog being pushed to its limits of tolerance.

And she’s apparently decided to skip her nap today. I’m ready to shoot myself. My Dad is busy at the Senior Center and Mom is in MA with her sister because my uncle had cancer surgery on Monday.

Longest day ever and she’s still making noise in her crib. She took a nap between 2:15 and 4:30. She was still driving Chloe (and me) nuts all evening. Then, she flipped out when we sat down for dinner and flipped out again around 7:30 for no discernible reason. I don’t know what’s up with her. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. For some reason, I’m just incredibly exhausted. I think it’s the constant stress over Bella and Chloe interacting. Chloe has been really good for a while now, but Bella put her head next to Chloe’s to try to snuggle the night before last and Chloe bared her teeth. <sigh>

And now she’s flipping out again. I sent R in.

7/19 Facebook post – Nope, she was up at 10:45pm and I had to sit with her for 20 minutes. It was a bit of a pain, but also a bit wonderful to hold her in my arms sleeping. She’ll be too big for that someday. I’m a bit tired today, but not exhausted.

7/24 Facebook post – My penalty for Bella sleeping in a little today is that she’s apparently going to be a brat all day. Yippee.

Well, I wasn’t able to get her down for her nap until almost 2pm. So the day was trying to say the least. This willful disobedience has got to stop.

I just hate when I ask her not to do something or to stop doing something and she looks me right in the eye and does it again. Grrr. It’s all annoying, but the improper treatment of the dogs gets me the most. Bella likes to point to the parts of your face (which is fine), but I’ve asked her hundreds of times to not do this to the dogs because sometimes when she points to your eye, she actually touches it.

I “tried” a timeout for the first time today, it did not go well. I moved her little blue seat to the corner by the front door and sat her in it and she immediately stood up. I tried to hold her in the seat and tell her to stay there and she just started screaming. I need to figure something else out. She’s so damn willful.

7/25 Facebook post – we had our final overnight diaper leak last night. i’m getting new diapers today. btw – bella pooped 4 times yesterday.

7/28 Facebook post – Bella is being a real joy today and even though she took a short nap yesterday and went to bed early, she still didn’t really sleep in. I’m not willing to go outside in this weather and apparently overnight our pool got cloudy, so A/C it is.

7/30 Facebook post – And tonight the role of “Mean Mommy” will be played by Me. I made Bella sit in her chair until she finished her broccoli and when she just started feeding to the dogs, I just let her sit there until I was ready to put her to bed early. She NEEDS to start eating vegetables again, this is ridiculous. But with as horrid as she’s been lately, this was especially hard. I had bought her some stuff at the Disney Store today and I put it in her closet for a time when she’s not being such a brat. It’s been a week now, I think I can safely say she has started the Terrible Twos early. Give me strength. All day every day is a battle of wills.

Bella has started the Terrible Twos early and I am slowly going insane. Discipline is tough, especially when she cries in response. But I am determined that she will not be “one of those bratty kids”. It’s exhausting fighting with her all the time, she is just as stubborn as I am and the pure definition of willfully disobedient. Send me strength everyone, I sure need it.

7/31 Facebook post – ‎”No” gets me one of two responses.
#1: screaming at full volume
and my personal favorite
#2: looking directly at me while she does exactly what I just told her not to do/to stop doing
It’s especially bad for M and me because they just don’t know how to act around the dogs and don’t listen when we try to teach them, so there’s the constant anxiety that the dogs will get fed up and bite them.

I know C, and I have snuck stuff into her food. But I was talking with my Dad yesterday and he reminded me that we were never allowed to not eat things. I remember that was true when I was a kid, but he said that even as a toddler I had to eat what was put in front of me. I’m not going to kowtow to her pickiness anymore. She used to eat broccoli, there’s no reason she can’t eat it again. I don’t expect her to eat every vegetable under the sun, but she needs to eat some.

FYI – I am making chicken quesadillas tonight and Bella’s will additionally have shredded carrot in them.

Bella is getting up early again (around 6am give or take 20 minutes). I’ve tried giving her shorter naps during the day, but it doesn’t change the fact that she will only sleep 9-10 hours at night. And if I put her to bed late, she still gets up at 6am. She doesn’t fuss to get out of her crib, but I can never get back to sleep after R’s alarm goes off at 5:20, between him getting ready for work and her babbling next door.

Bella was being a pain in the butt to the dogs today and Nemo nipped at her to tell her to back off. He’s going to actually bite her one of these days if she doesn’t start listening to me.


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