May Facebook Mom’s Group Posts Catch-Up

5/1 Facebook post – Apparently, every other night is a bad night in our current pattern. So tired.

Chloe had to be let out at 12:40 and Bella was up at 1:15 (luckily for less than a half hour). But I still don’t do well with interrupted sleep.

That is especially true with her Pooh bear and binkie… a delay in getting either of them on demand leads to complete meltdown.

Well, that wasn’t quite what I expected. Bella was being a fussy mess and we couldn’t decide between bath time or straight into her jammies so I let her run around naked for a while. She was standing on the small carpet next to R’s side of the bed and I notice she’s grunting and all of a sudden I see we’ve got poop coming. So I scooped her up and threw her on the toilet. She held onto me for dear life and cried, but she did poop in the potty.

Well, Bella had already pooped in the tub. ;-P We haven’t put the new toilet seat lid on yet that has the smaller, internal seat so she won’t feel like she’s going to fall through. That’s happening Friday.

5/2 Facebook post – Not the easiest night last night. Bella was up 3 times herself and Chloe was up even more. I let her out a few times, but she apparently came into the living room to vomit a few other times. Now that I vacuumed up the excess fur from the stress of the vet exams, washed bloodied towels from Chloe’s surgery and wiped down the floors, the rest of the day is gonna be pretty slow and low-key here.

5/4 Facebook post – Ditto, it’s nice just having Rod around so I’m not completely on my own all the time (even if he’s doing chores and I’m still watching Bella). We dressed Bella light tonight, her room was reading 79 degrees!

5/7 Facebook post – Bella is being a disaster today as well. I can’t wait until bedtime. Constant battles of wills and I refuse to give in… which means lots of screaming and crying (and Bella is upset too ;-p)

We’re starting to think Bella adjusted to DST and needs to start going to bed around 8pm or so instead of 7:30 if we want her to wake up after 6am.

8pm Monday night and what is R doing? Putting our mattress cover in the dryer. Why? Because against his better judgment he let Bella play on our bed (including getting under the covers) when she was butt-nekkid. That girl holds a lot of pee.

Bella was never really more than a 10-hour a night sleeper. She did 11 hours for a little while, but now she’s gone back. She does take monster 2-3 hour naps, I’m thinking of cutting them short (but I love her nap time with as cranky as she’s been lately).

5/8 Facebook post – 11:15pm – 2:30am? Are you kidding me Bella? After the day you had yesterday?  Today is going to be a bleary-eyed day, that’s for sure.

I hate *always* blaming it on teething. I think she’s just starting the Terrible 2s early. Also, I haven’t been giving in to her as often and trying to force her to use her words instead of pointing… a frustrating time all around. I don’t know why she kept waking up last night. She didn’t seem to be in pain. She was holding her Pooh and a blankie and had her binkie in her mouth, standing in the corner of the crib like she was just waiting for me to come get her.

I did. She went down at 10am, and fell asleep around 10:30 or so. I got up just after noon and took a shower and had time to make her lunch and pack stuff up to take with us when she goes to my massage appointment. Luckily, R texted me that he should be home early since they went out to lunch to celebrate a co-worker getting married next month. Kind of hard to relax and worry about Bella trashing the place, even if it is a 15-minute treatment.

5/9 Facebook post – So how long do you let a toddler have a tantrum when you know what they want but they refuse to ask for it or it’s something they’re not supposed to have? I feel Bella spends so much time screaming lately because I want her to use the words I *know* she knows (like Pooh) or she gets mad because I take her crayons away when she doesn’t use them at her desk but on the walls instead. I don’t want to be mean, but I want her to know that she needs to listen to me. I also feel like I default to MMCH too often just to get some peace and quiet. Anyone else struggling with this?

Bella is unfortunately hard to redirect. This is my go-to strategy, but if she wants something bad enough, there’s no deterring her. And the dog food and water issues are really frustrating as well, she just won’t leave them alone if she’s in a “mood”. And there’s the whole trying to not let her have Pooh or her binkie when she’s not sleeping… should I just let her have them to comfort her or keep encouraging her that big girls save Pooh and binkie for sleeping?

5/10 Facebook post – She’s more likely to want the binkie than Pooh, but she usually wants both. I’m trying to encourage Pooh more and binkie less.

Last night when Bella was having a massive meltdown right before bath time. I patted her butt, made her look at me and then hugged her until she started hugging me back. We hugged for like 5 minutes and she calmed down.

5/11 Facebok post – In-laws are driving 6 hours for a 6 hour visit of which Bella will be sleeping 2-3 hours of.

5/12 Facebook post – Tolerable visit. Bella was scared of them when she first woke up and wouldn’t even look at them and would only hug me. It give me an odd sense of satisfaction.

5/16 Facebook post – I’m here, I’m OK. Chipped cavity refilled yesterday, finally seeing pelvic doctor today and OB/GYN yearly tomorrow. Still feeling anxious a lot of the time though I’m taking a decent amount of klonopin. The depression is better, but not as good as I’d like. Sorry for the silence. Bella has been a terror most of the time too.

Bella has been going to bed later lately. She actually slept past 6am though, so I won’t complain too much.

Pelvic doc wants me to do some biofeedback stuff I can’t afford or just distract myself when I have to pee, hold off peeing as long as possible and work on my klegels (sp?) I have been feeling a bit better luckily, so we’ll see. She also gave me a recommended diet that might help. I see my standard OB/GYN tomorrow… fun, fun. I think at this point I’m more concerned with my mental health, the anxiety has been pretty unbearable, thankfully the depression is much more bearable.

5/17 Facebook post – A magical moment: I just went to pick up Bella from my parent’s house after a doctor’s appointment and Bella ran up to me saying “Mommy”. She’s never called me that before. <happy tears>

5/19 Facebook post – Yeah, Bella has been up at 6am or so and I need just a little more sleep than that. Plus, I just feel tired all the time and I think it’s the zoloft. So I can be depressed and hopeless or anxiety-ridden and sleepy. Awesome.

I’m going to force myself to sit outside around a fire with R and the Professor and listen to the Phillies while I consume wine or mead… no matter how tired I am.

5/21 Facebook post –  Bella was up at 6am, but I left her in bed until almost 7am. Wound up she had a breech, so now the laundry has begun.

BTW – I have NEVER found that bringing Bella to bed with us when she wakes up early ever does anything but make us more tired and let her use us as a jungle gym.

5/23 Facebook post – I let Bella “brush” her own teeth when I do mine and then near the end I let her brush my teeth with my brush while I brush hers with her own.

FYI – brushing her own teeth consists mainly of sucking on the toothbrush and occasionally actually brushing. Strangely, she asks to brush her teeth when I go into the bathroom for any reason.

yeah, I was taking the generic when I looked back thru my CVS records. I found online that some people take both, I proposed this to Doc T, still waiting to hear back. Thanks for asking your cousin!

I blended up some peas tonight and mixed them with rice and a little cheese and Bella did OK with them. Maybe I’ll finally start using that blender I bought to make baby food. ;-P She also ate her tandori lamb, she had been bad about eating her meat the two nights previously.

5/24 – Had a wonderful visit with the Crea’s. Finally met Tony. Ben and Bella had lots of fun playing and it was nice for Christina and I to chat.

5/26 Facebook post – Still can’t believe we emptied the entire attic of its contents yesterday and moved them to the rec room for sorting. R did most of the heavy lifting (pun intended). Today we’re getting the A/Cs in working order since our house has consistently been over 80 degrees for weeks even when the outside temperature doesn’t get out of the 70s.

5/27 – Bella didn’t really sleep much later with the air conditioner installed in her room

5/28 – Bella didn’t get to sleep until about 9pm, but she was willing to stay in her crib until 7am the next day.

5/29 – s’ok. a lot of cleaning and food prep and then monday seemed to go too fast. lots of migraines from the heat and i think i might be getting another one now. bella is still pushing my buttons a lot and NEVER listens when I call her name when she’s doing something she shouldn’t. I think it’s going to be a lazy day here, maybe a load of laundry and putting dishes away if I’m really motivated.

My mind is in chaos. I got a call today about a job interview Monday for a copy writing position. There is a daycare in the same complex, the salary is decent and the other benefits are good, but the thought of being away from Bella is heart wrenching. I really want to work from home, but when my current round of unemployment runs outs in August, if I don’t get any more, we’re in real financial trouble. My mind is just in turmoil.

And it’s not like I have an offer or anything, it just wasn’t a call I was prepared to get.

5/30 Facebook post – Bella was fine until we left the house, then she was a disaster. Into everything at my massage office, into everything at the deli I stopped at, into everything at my folk’s. She must have grown because it seems like she can reach everything now.

5/31 Facebook post – Bella will only shower with one of us if she doesn’t get her bath in the sink. I bought a mat the other day but haven’t used it yet. Will try tomorrow morning, we skipped her bath tonight and her evaluation is tomorrow.


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