April Facebook Mom’s Group Posts Catch-Up

4/3 Facebook post – Yeah, Bella doesn’t like the teething rings either. Every time I think we’re done with teething, she starts acting weird again. She only finds comfort in her binkie and holding Pooh. She’s got so many teeth in her mouth now, it’s ridiculous.

I would lose any sanity I had left if Bella napped poorly. She went down early again today. She’s been a pistol all morning, but not cranky… just into everything.

4/5 Facebook post – I don’t know about what teeth are left, but Bella’s got something going on too. Insisted on getting her binkie back at 10:30 this morning and had it all day.

Bella was down a little early. She wasn’t too fussy today, as long as she had her binkie. She normally only uses it for naps and sleeping at night, but she was SO upset this morning and wanted it so badly. I hate teething, I don’t want my baby to hurt.

4/8 Facebook post – So, I just got done with a 48-hour migraine marathon. It got so bad yesterday that I couldn’t make it over to my folks when my brother came to visit. My folks came and got Bella so she could visit and spend the night. She went to bed at 7:30pm and they got her up at 9am!!! Ugh, I sometimes hate how noisy my neighborhood is, Bella will never sleep that well for me. I’m glad she slept well for them and they had an awesome visit with her, just jealous.

4/11 Facebook post – It’s funny, ever since her overnight with my folks when she slept 13.5 hours, Bella has been better in the mornings. She may wake up after 7am, but she’s content to play in her crib until 8am most days (Pooh made an escape attempt today, so she only lasted until 7:30).

4/16 Facebook post – This is gonna be interesting. I actually had the doctor I really like for Bella’s check-up and she told me to stop using the bottle for milk cold-turkey. She said just increase her dairy from other sources, put her miralax in her juice or water and keep offering milk to her in a cup. She claims that within a month she’ll forget about her bottle. We’ll see. She’s also having me call the Early Intervention people to come evaluate Bella for a speech delay. It’s a free service and it can’t hurt, but I do have some major Mommy guilt going on anyway. Other than that, she gained about 2 pounds (total is 27 pounds and 3 ounces) and 2 inches (total height is 32 inches) since her last appointment and is now in the 50th% for height and still the 90th% for weight. Her head didn’t grow at all, but she’s still in the 90th% for that as well. She got 2 shots but now she’s done until she’s 4. That’s about it from here…

She didn’t have much milk today, but she had her miralax and juice this evening. we’ll try milk again in a different container tomorrow.

4/18 Facebook post – Bella is doing ok without a bottle so far. She’s been pretty slow with drinking from her cup today, but at least she hasn’t fussed for her bottle in the past 2 days.

I guess we’re not going out today. I just got Bella dressed and she was horrible on the changing table (fighting me the whole way) and then wouldn’t stop screaming after we were done. I had to relent and give her the binkie and Pooh. So much for a quick run to Walmart, she’s apparently having “a day”.

Yeah, Bella bugged out in her car seat on the way to and home from the park yesterday. I just attributed it to last being in the car to go to the doctor and get shots. I don’t know what her deal is today. It was just going to walmart for the fewest of things but we’re stuck watching MMCH instead to keep her from screaming. I just don’t understand. I get overwhelmed at the thought of running errands with her and she’s usually not bad in the stores. Luckily I can easily drop her with my folks and run solo errands pretty much any time I want. But I guess we’re just going to hang around the house today.

Bella doesn’t seem to mind being rear-facing, it’s just a pain in the ass to get her in. We’ll hold off a little longer and then switch her forward. I’m sure the PA laws still say 1 year. I mean, Bella is 27 pounds and 32 inches tall, I think she’s big enough.

Ick, there must be something in the air. Bella took almost 45 minutes to fall asleep (that’s when her mobile stopped playing at least), which is very unlike her. She slept through the night, but is continuing her mission to work her way back from 7:30am to 6am crying for freedom from her crib.

For the 2nd night in a row, it’s been 30-40 minutes since Bella was put to bed and I don’t think she’s asleep yet. She’s NEVER been like this before. I don’t get it.

4/19 Facebook post – Bella was awake before 6am as well. Come on kids!

Bella was fussy all damn day, even with a good nap this afternoon. Went to bed without a bath (actually, walked herself into her bedroom). Started screaming as soon as I left the room. We’ll see how it goes. I don’t know if it’s because she misses the bottle (though she has drank milk from the sippy cup and does have her binkie) or if something else is going on.

4/20 Facebook post – Bella actually slept ok and wasn’t awake until after 6am today. She was pretty fussy at first, but she ate a huge breakfast and seems to be in a better mood. She drank all her miralax-dosed milk in her sippy cup this morning and just had a standard Bella poop.

4/22 Facebook post – Bella fell asleep by 8pm at my folks, but woke up when I had to go pick her up and bring her back home around 9pm or so. She luckily fell back asleep as soon as I got her in her crib. She was awake around 6am, but played happily in her crib for a while.

4/23 Facebook post – So, of course I get the ball rolling with the Early Intervention people and now Bella seems to be adding new words at a frantic pace <facepalm> oh well, so they show up and hopefully say she’s fine and that’s the end of it. She even started grabbing magnetic letters off the fridge and saying what some of them are (they go with a toy that says what they are when you fit them in).

ALL I want to do is take a nice, hot shower with the door closed and the heat on in the bathroom. I’ve been fantasizing about it since I got up this morning since the house is so chilly. Guess who is attempting to completely skip her nap today? Ugh.

Finally around 1:30 I was able to get her into the crib. I showered, ate some lunch and am thinking about a quick snooze myself. I’ve been tired lately and I don’t know if it’s the weather or the zoloft and/or klonopin.

Less than 90 minutes for her, less than 40 minutes for me. I think I might start taking the zoloft only in the evening and see if that helps (and hope the weather changes). I just made myself some chai vanilla tea to warm me up.

4/25 Facebook post – I didn’t mind getting up with Bella at 11:30 when she was having gas/poop discomfort. We snuggled for a 1/2 hour and it was nice. I didn’t mind letting Chloe out at 2am, she took less than 3 minutes and I got right back to sleep. But Bella being up again and fussy before 5:30am was just a little too much for me. I’m hoping I don’t get a migraine since the Early Intervention program introduction person is coming this morning (the evaluation is another time). I am upping Bella’s miralax starting today, that’s for certain.

My case-worker contact Ashley seems nice enough. She’ll schedule the speech pathologist and early childhood development person to come visit in the next few weeks (they offer 4 times, I chose 9am because it’s a 2 hour thing and I thought that would work best and I also asked for a Friday so R could be here). So, we’ll see what happens.

June 1st at 9am it is…

4/27 – Last night was not fun. Bella was up at 2am and I rocked her for 30 minutes. She was awake when I put her back down but fell back to sleep… until 4am at least. Then she was crying and fussing again so I tried bringing her into bed with me and R. That just guaranteed that no one got any sleep. She went down early for her nap around 11am, hopefully it’ll be a long one. I already napped for a while today while R watched her. Still feeling tired.

I haven’t even tried to get Bella off her soother for naps and sleeping. She even has it during the day sometimes when the fussiness is too much to bare. But the bottle is successfully gone though milk intake has reduced a bit.

She has a sippy cup with milk first thing (with miralax), then a sippy with juice and vitamins and sometimes more miralax, then water the rest of the day and then we attempt more milk at night.

Bella likes juice best, hers is about 65% juice/35% water.

I give Bella the juice with fruits and vegetables, and since she isn’t eating vegetables much right now.. I give her more of the juice. It’s the Fruitables from Apple & Eve and the V8 fruit/veggie mixtures.

4/29 Facebook post – Last night was bad again, hoping to avoid a repeat tonight.

My in-laws are threatening to come visit for a couple hours next week. (drive 3 hours each way). They haven’t seen Bella since just after Christmas. Their other grandchildren (and now their son) are all living with them since he lost his job.

In addition to not sleeping well and being up during the night, Bella has been getting up early as well. I don’t know what changed… maybe the daylight? I do have the room darkening shades in her nursery. Thankfully, even though she’s up around 5:30, she doesn’t fuss so I can leave her there for 30-60 minutes until I force myself out of bed.

Bella is the opposite… better in the morning and then cranky in the evening when Daddy gets home from work. 😦

I’m not a morning person, so I appreciate her better mood, but I do feel badly that R so frequently sees her fussy.


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