My Car Inspection Saga

I admit, I messed up and didn’t get my car inspected and my state inspection expired yesterday. R had gotten the fee paid and the paperwork through, but I hadn’t gotten my car physically inspected because honestly, with all the migraines and Bella sleeplessness, it wasn’t tops on my priority list. But I decided to take care of it today since I didn’t feel like crap and my folks were up for watching Bella.

Rather than take the car to the same fleet service we usually do, I decided to just go to a mainstream auto place so I could get my inspection and overdue oil change done and over in a reasonable amount of time. Please note: the problems I had would have still happened with the fleet guy.

So around 9am I dropped Bella off with my folks and headed to repair place #1 to see their prices. $87 plus tax for inspection and oil change seemed steep, so I drove around the corner to place #2. They were asking $7X and rather than drive all over the place I just gave them my keys and went off to a nearby strip mall to look around. After 30 minutes or so I get a call that my wipers and tires will not pass inspection. We agree that they will replace the wipers and I will go to a tire place for new tires. I wander around a little more to give them time to get the wipers and then head back over. I get there and apparently the wrong wipers have been sent, so I say just put anything on the car and I’ll go get the tires and worry about it when I come back.

So now I head off for tires. I stop at Taco Bell for some lunch and hit the tire place. An hour and $199 later I’m on my way home to let the dogs out and take a breather. I relax at home for a few minutes and then head back to place #2 for my wiper blades and passing inspection sticker. Along the way I stop and fill up my tank ($35, not too bad these days).

I get back, they take my car right away and 15 minutes later tell me my car is done, but there’s a problem. The wipers they ordered won’t fit my car, my Jetta apparently won’t take after market wiper blades. So, they pass my inspection but recommend going to a dealer for the wipers themselves. (I had also asked them to look at my trunk latch which just stopped working and requires slamming the trunk hard 3-5 times before it closes, they said this would cost $200 to fix).

So I head off to the local Volkswagen dealer and find out my wipers are $45 for the pair and they can put them on for me. I also find out my trunk latch is $60 to purchase and $103 for labor to install. So I buy the latch and decide I’ll install it with my Dad. While I’m there I ask if I have any outstanding recalls on my car and it turns out I do, so then they ask if I have an hour so they can check my air bags for the recall. So, an hour later I finally head back to my folk’s place.

I left to get my car inspected at 9am. I got back to my folks at 3pm. I spent $8X at place #2 for the inspection and oil change, $199 for 2 new front tires, $35 for gas and then $105 for new wipers and the new trunk latch that has yet to be installed.  I am effing exhausted. What a pain in the ass!

About snarkysillysad
A former marketing professional with 15 years of experience in the technology industry. Through her blog she has shared her journey through pregnancy and motherhood as well as her struggle with migraines, depression, and chronic pain

6 Responses to My Car Inspection Saga

  1. Ken says:

    $199 for tires? That’s cheap!

  2. Ken says:

    I see your bet and raise.
    $200 for parts ordered for the Reading house that I no longer need.
    Plus $1200 for a new water heater. The existing one is rusted out on the bottom of the tank and now dripping menacingly.

  3. Ken says:

    Installation is free from a friend in the HVAC business.

  4. Lisa A. says:

    Argh. Car stuff is one of the least-fun ways to spend money. But we’re always over a barrel, and have no choice. Boo. 😦

    But I’m glad your car is safe! I am afraid to look at my tires and do that penny-test with the treads… I don’t feel ready to buy new tires and if I realize I have to, it’ll suck. So I practice avoidance. La la la.

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