Random Thoughts on March 30th

  • I hate doing random thoughts posts, but my day-to-day existence is so damn mundane to anyone else, I honestly can’t think of things to post most of the time. I share my baby stuff in a FB group I created already, don’t need to double it up on here, though I know I’ll prattle on a bit about Bella
  • Bella turned 6-months-old yesterday and to celebrate she had one of her worst nights in a while. The two previous nights she had 5 hour stretches without eating, making me think she may actually be heading back towards less night wakings. Not so. Last night I was up every hour or less, and I couldn’t pacify her with a binkie, I had to nurse her. It’s not a growth spurt or teething, it was just a single bad night, but it is exhausting.
  • Bella is doing really well with solids the 2nd time around. She is handling both the oatmeal and rice cereals well and had a so-so introduction to peas. She gets to try sweet potatoes tonight.
  • R is in class again today which is nice because it usually means he gets home fairly early (by 4pm yesterday as opposed to after 6pm when he’s in the office working).
  • Nemo has been better ever since that thunderstorm last week. He is frequently going out on his own when I have the door open for him and when I do have to “help him”, he usually doesn’t fight me. He did fight me just now, but that was because he wasn’t ready to go out again, I dragged him out because I didn’t want him barking at the cleaning ladies and waking up Bella.
  • Everyone gets check-ups on Friday. Bella has her 6-month check-up and our vet Duke is coming to give the dogs and kitty a once over. R decided that it was probably best for Bella to be at my folk’s place when the animals are getting examined… they don’t especially enjoy the process and R thought it might be bad for Bella to hear the animals (especially Lou the cat) in any sort of distress.
  • R and our accountant are trying to see if there’s any way around our huge tax bill, currently they’re trying to figure if I can claim any loss on the 401K I cashed in that’s causing all the problems. I don’t have much hope we’ll be able to do anything.
  • Mom and Dad went to see Elton John on Friday night. Dad had gotten her box seats for her 70th birthday. They had a nice time and enjoyed the show.
  • Today is my brother’s 40th birthday. I believe he’s having some computer problems, but after the night I had I don’t have the patience for him. My folks said to just call and wish him a happy birthday, tell him I have a migraine and call him tomorrow when I’m feeling better.
  • I decided to have a party for my birthday. It seems difficult to get together with people these days without a specific reason, so I invited people to come over on that Saturday (my birthday is actually on Easter Sunday this year). Only a few people have RSVPed so far, but that’s OK, I figured it would be a small, low-key gathering. It’ll just be nice to see people and hang out.
  • My MIL was down to collect her other two grandchildren to watch them for a few days while my BIL’s GF has surgery. She didn’t get a chance to stop by and see Bella, but she might try if she has to drive the kids the entire way back instead of meeting my BIL in Harrisburg.
  • I’m trying to help an old high school friend out with some marketing advice for her online store. I haven’t been in a marketing frame of mind in a while, but I fell back into it fairly easily. The hardest part is remembering which sites have the resources I used to use for evaluation purposes.
  • I ordered a blender to attempt to make Bella her baby food once we find out what she likes. It was only $20 online at Walmart and they’re shipping it to the local store for free.

Damn, I lost my train of thought. Bella woke up and I was holding her while the cleaning ladies finished. Then I fed her and she’s in her jumperoo, but not especially happy. Mommy isn’t happy either, Mommy REALLY needs a shower. 😛


About snarkysillysad
A former marketing professional with 15 years of experience in the technology industry. Through her blog she has shared her journey through pregnancy and motherhood as well as her struggle with migraines, depression, and chronic pain

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