Good news and bad news

The good news is that now R’s family knows that there is good news. We went there for dinner last night and told his Brother, SIL, Sister, Mom and Niece that he got a job and that I’m expecting. We told his Dad over the phone since he hadn’t come down with them. They were very happy, and I would guess a little bummed that they need to keep quiet about the baby for another month or so.

Bad news is that after being in bad health for a very long time, my Aunt Anita died last night. I believe she was about 85, which is a very long life, but I do have some sorrow at the life she was forced to live. When she was being delivered as a baby, the doctor was using forceps and by accident he got them on her eyes and she was legally blind her entire life. She was an intelligent, nice person, but needed to be cared for most of her life.

She’d been in a home for the past year or so. She went into the hospital on Saturday because she wasn’t really eating and she was getting dehydrated. They tried to send her back to the home yesterday, but she wound up going right back to the hospital and my Mom called around 10:45pm last night to let me know she had passed.

I hadn’t seen her in quite a while… probably a few years. I had wanted to go visit, but kept putting it off and then she took a turn for the worse and a visit wasn’t of much value anymore. She was my Godmother and always very kind to me and I am saddened by this loss to our family. But, she had told my father she was ready to go last year, so I think it was definitely time. Not sure what the plans are for the funeral yet, but I would suspect they might do something on Saturday. I know she didn’t want a wake, but she needs to be buried.

Today has been a long day at work. My boss is in the office, but I haven’t talked to him yet today because he’s been in meetings. I’m waiting for some feedback from him on the latest revisions to the website design. No I did not mistype that, we are back to revising the design. Kill me. I’m hoping we’ll be able to talk at some point this afternoon, but I can’t stay late tonight because I have my first ultrasound after work.

In animal updates, Zed has been on a peeing spree lately, 3 incidents in 6 days and has punctuated the need for him to find a new home before the baby arrives. Also, we discovered that when Chloe and Mo are under the table in the rec room, they’re not always chewing on bones and raw hides, they were apparently chewing on the drawer in the table and destroying it. R is fixing it today. <sigh>


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A former marketing professional with 15 years of experience in the technology industry. Through her blog she has shared her journey through pregnancy and motherhood as well as her struggle with migraines, depression, and chronic pain

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