An Unexpected Christmas Present

So let’s see, last time I wrote I was waiting for work to end so I could head home and start my Christmas vacation. Well, they let us leave work at 5:30pm instead of 6pm which was very cool. R and I went to Walmart, found the new comforter and then went to Hong Luck for a nice, relaxing dinner. When we got home, I wrapped his presents while he watched TV and then I joined him and we watched a little TV together. We were in bed and I was asleep by 10:30pm, which is a very good thing.

Around 1:30am on the 24th, our phone started ringing. It was my BIL saying that my SIL was in a lot of pain and that they wanted to head to the hospital. They needed someone to come over and watch their daughter. R was still half asleep, so I headed over to their apartment. SIL apologized, saying she was just in so much pain she didn’t know what to do. I told her I thought going to the hospital was a very wise idea. About 45 minutes later I got a a call from R, turns out SIL was 6cm dilated and they were going to perform a c-section. She wasn’t just in pain, it had been labor. So, around 3:29am I believe, Regan Liam was born. He was 18 inches long and weighed 4 pounds and 3 ounces. Not bad for 4 weeks early. SIL got released from the hospital yesterday (the 27th) and Regan will have to stay in the hospital for another week or two. My BIL actually stayed for the birth, came home, showered, went into the office for about and hour and made it back to the apartment before his daughter ever woke up.

I headed home around 9am, got changed and ran the dogs over to the dog park for about an hour of running around. When I got home I took a shower and helped R prepare some snacks. Then I laid down on the couch for a while because I, of course, had a migraine. My in-laws showed up around 3 pm without their chocolate lab. We visited and snacked until my SIL showed up with her girlfriend. Then we snacked some more and my BIL finally came over with his daughter. Then he, my MIL, my SIL and her girlfriend all went to the hospital to visit my other SIL and the baby. When they got back they played a game of chinese checkers, but we were all in bed by 11pm, even though my niece took a long time to fall asleep.

Christmas morning was just supposed to be R and me, but instead everyone was at our place, so I cooked up a bunch of bacon, sausage and french toast. R got the turkey going in the roaster and then we opened some presents. We just sat around playing with my niece and prepping dinner. BIL showed up just in time for dinner around 4pm. After dinner he took a plate of food to my SIL and my in-laws went with him so his Dad could see the baby. My  SIL and her girlfriend hung out for a little while after they left and then decided to head back home (2.5-3 hours away). When my in-laws got back from visiting the baby, they decided to hit the road too.  So, by 8:30pm it was just R and me. I had wanted to take the pups to the dog park at some point during the day, but it never happened. We were all in bed fairly early that night.

Woke up on the 26th with a pretty bad migraine. Took some medicine, but it didn’t do much. I spent most of the morning in bed, having decided that the combo of migraine, pouring rain, and slushy dog park conditions were just not something I was up for. I don’t even remember the combo of meds I took anymore, but eventually the migraine went away and R and I headed up to Sayerville to see my side of the family. The NJ Turnpike was a disaster and we wound up showing up at the restaurant almost an hour late. Everyone’s food was being brought out when we arrived and placed our order. I got to see my brother, his wife and son, my folks were there too, as were 3 aunts, an uncle and 3 cousins with assorted spouses. After dinner, my immediate family, 3 aunts and an uncle went back to my aunt’s place for coffee and dessert. We hit the road around 8pm and hit little traffic on the way home.

Sunday morning there was no avoiding the dog park. Chloe was bouncing off the walls and would have driven us crazy if I didn’t take her. I met up with a bunch of regulars and stayed at the dog park for a little under 2 hours. The park was a slushy, muddy mess. As soon as I got home, I had R put both dogs into the bathroom and then I took showers with both of them to clean the mud off. It was a nice day outside, so we brought them outside to dry off in the sun and warm breeze before heading downstairs to watch some football. My BIL had called the night before to ask if we could babysit while he went to the hospital, so my niece showed up around 2pm. She opened the rest of the presents from us and between them and the dogs, we were able to keep her occupied until her Dad showed back up around 6pm. She had a little accident while she was over and hit her head on the corner of the Pepsi fridge we have downstairs when she was running around chasing Chloe. She got an enormous knot on her head which we iced on and off over an hour until it had reduced in size.

After she left, we finished watching the Eagles game that we had paused on the DVR and ate some leftovers from Christmas. By the time we had finished watching the game, it was almost time for the evening game to start, so we watched that, hoping the Cowboys would lose. Around 10pm we headed upstairs to finish watching the game in bed. My head started hurting pretty good at this time and I took a couple codeine so I could get to sleep.

I woke up this morning with a horrible migraine at 6:15am. I took some imitrex and tried to sleep a little more, but it was no use, I was awake, as was R and Chloe. Checked my email, read the news online and then laid down on the couch upstairs for about 30 minutes until I had to jump in the shower and get ready for work. R and I talked about what to do with the $300 each of us had gotten for xmas. There are some tools he wants and we decided to see about finally getting the remote starter put into my car that I’ve been wanting for 3 years.

Work is ok today. Most of my division is here, but in general, the office is pretty empty. I told my boss I was taking Wednesday and Thursday off and he was fine with it. So, I have 4 more hours today and then 9am – 6pm tomorrow and then I get 5 days off in a row. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t sound too promising… we’re forecasted to get snow and rain on New Year’s Eve. I’m looking forward to going to K&K’s house, it’s always a good time, even though I’m the designated driver. I’m looking forward to 2009 ending and to good things happening in 2010.


About snarkysillysad
A former marketing professional with 15 years of experience in the technology industry. Through her blog she has shared her journey through pregnancy and motherhood as well as her struggle with migraines, depression, and chronic pain

2 Responses to An Unexpected Christmas Present

  1. icanhasdiary says:

    You’re such a great dog owner! I could never get my ass over to the dog park as often as you do… I’m always impressed with your dedication to the well-being of your pets (and your own sanity)!

    Stupid migraines. In 2010, may you have no more migraines! That’s my wish for you!

    Enjoy your 5 day weekend. You totally deserve it!

  2. But I feel guilty because at Thanksgiving, I took them to the park 4 days straight and for Christmas they only got to the park 2 days. Now I’ll have 5 days off in a row, but bad weather is coming our way again. I get a lot of enjoyment out of the dog park and really like the people I meet up with there. You’ll notice my FB status updates frequently have messages from them coordinating who’s going to the park and when.

    I’m hoping for a migraine solution too, but for now, just grateful I have medication I can take to make me feel comfortable most of the time. I’ll be back at Jefferson on Jan. 26th.

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