The weekend that was

Well, the weekend started off fairly crappy. I woke up with a migraine on Friday morning, which was a problem. I knew I was starting my 3 day course of treatment to stop the migraine cycle on Saturday and that one of the requirements was that I not take any migraine medication for 24 hours before I started it. So, first thing Friday I took an axert in hopes that it would kill the migraine. No such luck. I took a codeine mid-morning and another at lunch, but I just couldn’t kill the pain. I finally gave up and headed home around 3:30pm (I told myself I’d do some work over the weekend to make up the time, but it never happened). R was babysitting his niece still, they had put all the decorations on the tree. I played with her for a little while until her Dad showed up to take her to the hospital to visit her mom who was in for observation for 48 hours due to pregnancy complications (have not heard any updates since Friday). As soon as the niece was gone, I took an oxycodone and laid down for a little while. I had the TV on in the bedroom and R asked if I would come out and have it on in the living room so we could at least hang out. He had some leftovers and I just laid on the couch and listened to an episode of law and order and something else. I took a oxycotin later to try and kill the pain, but no such luck and and I gave up and went to bed around 10:30. I couldn’t get to sleep and was still awake when R showed up around midnight. I got up about 20 minutes later and took two codeine and the pain finally subsided.

The next morning I started my regimen, taking 3 steroids, a compazine and doing the first of three doses of migranal. I felt pretty good. I took the dogs to the dog park until I could barely feel my face anymore. When we got home, our friend (henceforth to be referred to as The Professor) was over helping R put together a portable shed we’d bought with some of my holiday work bonus. We needed a place to put all the deck furniture during the winter. It took them 5 hours to put it together. I decided to stay in bed and rest since I had slept so poorly the night before and the dogs hung out with me instead of getting in the way. R had planned to make homemade pizza later but had underestimated how taxing it would be to put the shed together. Instead we ordered some food in and watched TV. The Professor took off around 6pm to go downtown to see the Gwar show with a friend and R and I spent a quiet evening catching up on the DVR and watching Animal House on Encore.

Sunday morning The Professor brought breakfast again and I ate some, took my meds and headed off in the dreary weather to the dog park. It was raining and cold out and the few of us brave enough to venture out stayed less than an hour and a hlaf, which is when all of our shoes all started getting wet. When I got home home, I immediately put both dogs into the shower to clean them off after two weeks in a row of truly muddy conditions at the park. They cleaned up fairly well and then I took a shower in preparation for going over a friend’s house for a birthday gathering for his girlfriend. I slept on the couch for a little while R made cookies and The Professor perused the newspaper until it was time for us to head to the party. Good food, close friends and football on TV. We stayed from 3pm until 7pm and then came home to feed the animals and take the dogs out to the bathroom. We put on the Eagles game and I listened to a lot of it, but decided to go upstairs to the bedroom fairly early.

Took my last dose of meds this morning, we’ll see how the day goes. I woke up at 4:40 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. Too much anxiety thinking about the work week. I’m not sure if the compazine is adding to the anxious feeling. I’m looking forward to Wednesday when T can up my depression meds to see if that helps with the anxiety and concentration issues. My neck feels a Little bit tense, but nothing too bad. I’m allowed to take the migranal as needed if I do get a headache, so we’ll see.

It was funny, Nemo refused to go in the bathroom with me this morning like he normally does when I shower, I think his shower yesterday was a little too traumatizing for him. Poor boy. Oh well. We’ll see what this week brings. I have my office Christmas party on Thursday and R and I are heading out towards Penn State for his Mom’s side of the family Christmas shindig.

Hope everyone has a good week.


About snarkysillysad
A former marketing professional with 15 years of experience in the technology industry. Through her blog she has shared her journey through pregnancy and motherhood as well as her struggle with migraines, depression, and chronic pain

2 Responses to The weekend that was

  1. icanhasdiary says:

    In all of this, R sounds like he’s a very supportive spouse, which is really great. So many meds, your stress and anxiety… I love that he seems to be dealing with your struggles as best he can, and he is there for you. This stands out to me when I read this post. You’re very fortunate! (X used to get all pissy and take it personally, almost, when I wasn’t feeling well. Which, of course, only made the headaches WORSE. UGH. Thank God that’s all behind me now!)

    Poor Nemo! The shower can be a scary place. Hurley won’t even set foot inside mine. And I haven’t even given him a bath in there yet or anything! Such a wimp.

    I hope this week goes well for you, too! Enjoy the holiday festivities. Me, I’m just bummed that we have to work on Festivus (December 23). BOOOO! 😉

    • R really is an amazing guy. My EX would have been a complete prick through this entire process, I have no doubt about that. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

      Nemo seems to have recovered, he came and took his “shvitz” with me today, possibly because they were digging up the street by our corner and it’s less noisy in the bathroom.

      Working on festivus, that’s just wrong!! Actually, I can get behind the idea, though I never did watch Seinfeld. Airing of grievances is good.

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