A Thanksgiving recap and possibly some good news

Having 4 days off from work was definitely a good thing. Wednesday night after work, a friend came over and we ordered in some food and watched TV. R was exhausted after doing most of the Thanksgiving food prep already.

Thursday morning I took the dogs to the dog park while R put our turkey in the counter top roaster thing he had bought with champagne and butter for basting and apples stuffed in the middle. I had gone to the dog park early (8am), but the gate was still locked, so I spent an hour walking the dogs around the man-made lake that’s about 2 miles around. During this time, Nemo managed to acquire a tick that we yanked off his face later. When I got back to the dog park area, it was still locked. I waited a few minutes and then started to head to the car. I met up with a few other regulars and one of them decided to drive to the other side of the park to find a ranger to unlock the gate. Ranger was found, gate was unlocked and the dogs were able to run around for almost 2 hours with the decent turnout that showed up.

After the dog park we gave Nemo a clean up with wet naps, a wash cloth and a towel to get the excess dirt and mud off of him. Chloe got to take a shower with me since she dries very quickly. They both looked very presentable and behaved all day, as did the kitties. No Zed accidents on couches, he actually hasn’t done any peeing since he’s been back.

Our friend showed up with his sister and father around 1pm and set to prepping his turkey for deep frying. My folks showed up a little after that with their cut up veggies to snack on with our cut meat and cheese.

R and I set about putting various things in the oven to heat through since he’d made most of the food a few days before. SIL showed up right before we sat down to eat (BIL and the niece went out to my in-laws, SIL had to stay behind because of pregnancy complications).

The menu for Thanksgiving is as follows:

  • Turkey basted in champagne and butter and stuffed with apples
  • Deep fried turkey
  • Gouda-infused mashed potatoes
  • Carrots – from the garden
  • Green bean casserole
  • Home made stuffing
  • Home made gravy
  • Home made bread
  • Home made cranberry relish from our friend’s sister
  • Sweet potatoes – from the garden

Everything tasted wonderful and we all had our fill with plenty left over. We packed up stuff for some to take home, including a carcass for my Mom to use to make soup.

For dessert my mom had brought mini cheese cakes and brownies with cream cheese filling. Our friend’s sister made a pumpkin roll and R had made lots of oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips, nuts and dried fruit plus two pumpkin pies we never actually got to.

SIL actually left before dessert and our friend and his family left around 8pm I believe. We actually sat outside for quite a while after dinner; it was incredibly pleasant on the deck. Much milder than most Thanksgivings I can remember.

Friday was my bonus day off from work. I got up and chatted with my Dad for a while before I headed off to the dog park and my folks went off to look at more houses in the area. We were supposed to meet up for brunch around noon, but things went longer than expected with the realtor and they told R and me to eat on our own. I made him a cheese omelet and had eggs on toast (his homemade bread) plus bacon. My folks didn’t actually show back up until 2pm and I made them grilled cheese with bacon on the last of the homemade bread (it was apparently delicious).

My folks hung around for a while after lunch with the intention of sticking around for leftovers for dinner. But by 6pm, they were both feeling sleepy and not especially hungry, so they headed home. R and I just sat around and watched some stuff on the DVR and had a dinner of leftovers.

Saturday morning started with me feeling like a migraine was coming on before I even left for the dog park. Chloe and another dog named Maggie decided they were going to have a barking contest while we were there and by the time I left the park 2 hours later, I had a decent migraine going. I had taken a codeine before I left for the park, but it had no effect. I took another one when I got home and slept/relaxed on the couch, but it didn’t help. I eventually took an oxycodone to try and kill the migraine, but it didn’t work either, so I had to dip into my dwindling imitrex stash.

Our friend showed up to hang out and R reheated some food for me. I tried to eat, but I felt so nauseous I just went to bed. R and our friend watched the 6 disks from the an Animation Show of Shows box set and then our friend took off. He left the DVD set behind for me to watch when I am feeling better. As a side note, Chloe stayed with me almost the entire time I was in bed, she was really cute how she kept me company.

Sunday was a better day. I woke up without a migraine and took a shower to wash the funk off before I headed off to the dog park. I headed home after about 2 hours at the park and settled in to vege on the couch. I watched the Eagles game with R, though I did fall asleep during the 2nd quarter for some reason. I watched the entire second half and then we watched the Vikings game for a while. When a blow out became apparent, R turned on a silly movie he’d taped off the SyFy channel which we watched until the Fox Animation Domination started up. We had yet more leftovers for dinner and went to bed at a reasonable hour.

It sucks being back at work today. Supposed to meet with the boss around 3pm to review the status of the website. I can’t wait until this project is done.

So, the good news? I just got 2 emails from R with potential for very good news. One was regarding a job he had applied for with the government. He received an email saying he had been determined to be qualified and that his resume was being passed on to the employment agency. I don’t know where it goes from here, but any news is good news.

The other email was from a friend of ours who had been keeping an ear out for anyone who might be looking for a kitty. She MAY have found a new home for Zed. She said she’d know by Wednesday and let us know when she heard anything.

Anyway, I hope that anyone who reads this had as nice a Thanksgiving as I did and is enjoying their ramp up to the Christmas season.


About snarkysillysad
A former marketing professional with 15 years of experience in the technology industry. Through her blog she has shared her journey through pregnancy and motherhood as well as her struggle with migraines, depression, and chronic pain

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