Zed doesn’t live here anymore

We are now a 1 cat house. Zed has been relocated to my very understanding brother and sister-in-law’s place in hopes of rehabilitation for his urinating issues. The SIL is great with animals and R hopes maybe she can help Zed find his happy place. We’ll keep an ear out for anyone who might be looking to adopt a kitty, but at least we can finally relax. The last straw came today when R went into our spare bedroom and found multiple urine-soaked items. It’ll be so nice to be able to have all the doors in the house open all the time and not worry about Zed going into a room and peeing there or peeing on the couch or the pillows or even my husband’s work bench. I do feel a bit guilt, SIL has 4 cats, a 4-year-old and a baby on the way, but she wants to give it a try and knows what she’s getting herself into. She always liked Zed anyway.

So, now Lou is all by himself with the 2 doggies, we’ll see how he reacts to that. I have no desire to get rid of Lou, all he does is occasionally destroy a roll of toilet paper or paper towels. He can also be a nudge about begging for attention, but he hasn’t been able to do that since we got Chloe and I’m not sure he’ll ever get back to as bad as he was before her. And how can you REALLY complain about a kitty that bothers you for love (easy when it’s midnight or 6am ;-P).

So, fare thee well Zed. I wish I could say it’s been fun, but the good memories are from so long ago, I’ll need some time to build back perspective.


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A former marketing professional with 15 years of experience in the technology industry. Through her blog she has shared her journey through pregnancy and motherhood as well as her struggle with migraines, depression, and chronic pain

2 Responses to Zed doesn’t live here anymore

  1. icanhasdiary says:

    Well, it sounds like it was for the best. Sometimes there’s only so much you can do. My sis got rid of one of her cats about 2 years ago because he was so hateful. Just a mean, nasty cat–and he was like that for 8 whole years. He would beat up her sweet cat Fizzie. And he was a horrible piss-case too… on everything. He seemed to be miserable, all the time. After she got rid of him, their house settled into a harmony that just felt right. So yeah, I have witnessed what you’re going through right now. You did the right thing.

    • Ugh. Got a call from the SIL at 8am this morning and Zed will not be living with them anymore. Peeing on my niece’s bed was annoying but expected. Biting the SIL and not letting go was determined to be unacceptable. Now R needs to figure out what to do, I told him Zed is not welcome in our home anymore.

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